About Us

Laughter, sweat, tears and a shared passion in Martial Arts, led to insightful discussions over lattes around personal development, creating a mission and finding others with similar passions. With a shared desire for empowering individuals to protect themselves, we created the Inner Warrior Project as a movement and a personal vow to help create a safe community where boundaries are voiced and respected. We are multi-level Black Belt Martial Artists (40+ years of combined experience), health coaches and yoga instructors. We have developed our program curriculums based on our education and experience in these disciplines.


Randee brookins

Self-Empowerment Mentor. Martial Artist. Fitness Instructor. Archer. Scuba Diver. Motorcycle Rider. Sour Cream Addict. Life Lover.


lindsay de aguila

Self-Empowerment Mentor. Martial Artist. Yoga Instructor. Fitness Instructor. Unapologetic Brunch Addict. Health Food Guru. International Travel Junkie. Salsa Dancing Aficionado.


karina muñoz benalcazar

Self-Empowerment Mentor. Martial Artist. Fitness Instructor. Dancer at Heart. Funnest Host & Bartender Extraordinaire. Feng Shui Connoisseur.