Randee Brookins 

Staring out the window and contemplating life with a bus full of Canadian basketball players, Randee thought about how proud she was to be part of a team. On their long journey back to Canada from San Francisco, California, Randee realized belonging to a community was what she most enjoyed. From playing point guard on a basketball team to working three different jobs, Randee continued to integrate herself with people and focus on the depths of others. When the universe aligned with her heart, opportunity came knocking and she dove fearlessly into change and embraced the challenge of the unknown. On her voyage to fulfill her continuing desire for teamwork and deep connections, she decided to uproot herself from her small farm town on the prairies of Alberta, Canada, and move to Santa Barbara, CA where she submerged herself into the health and fitness world.

Randee is a Second Degree Black Belt in Dynamic Circle Hapkido and a certified group fitness instructor at Martial Arts Family Fitness in Santa Barbara. She is a co-author in a book called “Black Belt Power”. After growing and learning health for the body, she is most fascinated with health for the soul. She believes that it doesn’t matter how healthy you are on the outside, health on the inside is key. She appreciates the tough times in life so she can utilize that as an opportunity to grow and learn more about herself. She focuses on redirecting those feelings into surrounding herself with positive influences. Randee created an atmosphere of health and well being by starting a Wellness Coaching business with her husband. Although for Randee, this was fueling more her entrepreneur side, she wanted to fuel her passion and purpose side with the creation of the Inner Warrior Project. She is now part owner of the Inner Warrior Project, a Self Defense Instructor and a Self Empowerment Mentor. It is her mission to empower others to love themselves, so they may continue to love others.

Randee holds dear to her heart that she is a daughter, a sister and oldest of 6, a wife, and a friend. Randee believes that together we will always succeed, whether it is on a sports team, in a work setting or with a group of close friends. Randee’s idea of a good time is dancing with friends and family at barn gatherings, warm conversations around a campfire or having a glass of wine in a hot tub.