Karina Munoz Benalcazar

Born in Lima, Peru, Karina was brought to California as an infant by her parents in the hopes for a more prosperous and bountiful life. Eighteen years later, Karina continued her journey, and hit the road to Santa Barbara, CA where she was drawn to an area of study that she believed was a wonderful way to send a message to a mass audience.  Following her curiosity, she took on the subjects of film and media studies at UCSB, and was once again, removed from home. Originally a San Fernando Valley girl at heart, Karina continued to explore different paths, one of which led her to an opportunity that was destined to change her life.

Karina fully embraced her next chapters in life and grew into a Dynamic Circle Hapkido Instructor at Martial Arts Family Fitness in Santa Barbara and for over 8 years now, her knowledge has been passed on teaching a range of students from 3 years old to 68 years old. Her fondness and love for people and working through their struggles and accomplishments has inspired her to take her teaching to a higher level. By becoming part owner for the Inner Warrior Project, she has been able to take more of an active role by being a Self-Development Mentor in the lives of young women and men.  Being an immigrant from Peru, Karina never forgets her roots and prides herself in being an inspirational role model for Hispanic women. She has a desire to empower all, with a special interest in youth and minorities, to become leaders and “warriors” in their community.

Without hesitation, Karina engages in many activities. Best known for being a “busy bee”, Karina is involved in volunteering, event planning, kickboxing, and happy hour-ing with the best of them – just to name a few. Although she has her hands in many things, there is never a day where her whole heart isn’t into it and she does it with a smile and a personality that lights up a room…a very BIG room.