Lindsay De Aguila

After spending 6 years in a corporate lifestyle, Lindsay traded in her employee badge for a mission around the world. On her quest of self discovery, she ventured into the unknown, some of which took her to climbing glaciers in Iceland, bungee jumping in New Zealand, scuba diving the deep waters of the Indian Ocean, sharing laughs with the locals anywhere she traveled, surfing the crest of a wave in Costa Rica and jungle trekking in the lush forests of Thailand where she also received her yoga teacher training certificate.

Lindsay is a Black Belt in Hapkido, a Yoga Instructor and is a National Gymnastics Champion and a Martial Arts Champion in Self Defense. In her earlier years, when she wasn’t training for tournaments or teaching youth gymnastics and Martial Arts, she was finding time to study at Quinnipiac University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and Marketing. After graduation, Lindsay spent the following years pursuing her career as an Associate Producer for the Home Shopping Network and a Marketing Tour Manager for GMR, one of the world’s largest experiential firms. However, despite her success, something was still missing and through her love of world travel and meeting inspiring people, she followed her roots and rediscovered her burning passion for health arts and sciences. When she recognized that health and well being never left her heart, she wanted to refocus and dedicate her life to helping individuals on their voyage to self-discovery.

Making her way down the Pacific Coast Highway on two hammock worthy trees at a time, Lindsay found herself in Santa Barbara, CA to continue her Martial Arts education at Martial Arts Family Fitness, to reconnect with friends who share a similar passion and where The Inner Warrior Project was born. By becoming part owner and a Self Empowerment Mentor for IWP, this has allowed her to express her enthusiasm and engage in helping people find and fuel their passions. She measures happiness and success by the ability to empower others to look inside, share their passions, and become their own “warrior” in this journey called life.

Lindsay has always been an adventurer and is an avid explorer. Any opportunity for a chance to travel and discover, you will find her with a yoga mat in tow, on a plane, heading towards a new destination.