The Beauty of Bekah

I believe a true Warrior is courageous, determined, and has a fiery inner passion that inspires us. I believe that person was Bekah Wright and I’m here to tell you her story.

We danced on the rooftop of a party barge, laughing and celebrating our dear friend and bride to be. It was a group of girls from different walks of life getting to know each other. Bekah wore a contagious personality on her sleeve, with a love it or leave it kind of attitude. Everyone loved her! She had us laughing while making everyone feel included.  That long bachelorette weekend was spent talking until the sun came up, learning to dance as Bekah could, and laughing every 5 minutes.

One night, Bekah mentioned she was having some major headaches that were different from regular headaches. Not really thinking anything of it, she decided to get checked out a few weeks later. Bekah went through numerous tests including; CT scans, MRI’s, a spinal tap, and a biopsy. On November 30, 2016, Bekah was diagnosed with a malignant tumor, a grade 4 glioblastoma. The meanest and fastest growing glioma cancer in 4 months.

As we started hearing about what was happening with Bekah, we were terrified, to be honest. It’s as if no one wanted to say it out loud until Bekah shouted it from the rooftops and took on the cancer battle, head on.  Everyone who knew her gathered up their shields to follow and support her.

An Inner Warrior is so much more than the concept of swords, shields, and putting up a fight, even though Bekah put up a great fight. It's about the mental preparation – the focus and awareness of mind, body and spirit and how you choose to be in this world whatever your circumstance. Bekah chose to be stronger, show love above all, and laugh to erase pain. “We all have pain, struggles, and problems to overcome. When we face something that we know is going to be tough, we only make it harder on ourselves if we focus on the negative", said Bekah's friend, Renee Bonnin.

Bekah fought through turmoil with the support of family and friends but it was her amazing attitude that carried her through and gave us a message that will not be forgotten. Bekah once said, “I will do anything and everything to make people laugh and smile as often as possible because cancer has taught me that this is the only life we are given, so we might as well live it to the fullest.” 

That’s exactly what she did. She sought new adventures, continued to laugh, and lived out loud. Her story is a perfect example of what an Inner Warrior is and it's an inspiration to us all. Let us embrace the moment and cherish this time despite its heartache.

“This diagnosis has given me a fierce new sense of purpose. My journey so far has been filled with fear, hope, and courage, but there is strength in each of us to make a choice everyday to stay positive and find the good in every situation.” – Rebekah Wright Heiman, March 6, 1981 – March 21, 2017

Bekah was a wife, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, fighter, woman of strong faith, free spirit, superhero to all she knew, and a true Inner Warrior. 

Editing provided by Melissa Talbot. Melissa is a blogger, writer and speaker whose life experience posts encourage, uplift and inspire others.